Oui The Label

Oui The Label  was first imagined in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, with influences from do-it-your-way bridal icons who paved the way for today's modern brides. We were moved by the desire to reinterpret the norms of bridal fashion at a time when there was a focus on extravagantly styled and priced wedding gowns, joining the very few bridal renegades in the movement to create affordable, cool-girl bridal wear alternatives.

We were creatives hailing from a non-bridal background, setting out to create modern heirlooms to be loved and passed on. Our version of bridal, a carefully curated collection of effortlessly chic pieces that are easy to wear and stays true to our modern luxe aesthetic.  

Chérie by Oui

Launched in 2020, Chérie by Oui is the new bridal brand by the team behind Oui The Label. Taking this special opportunity to express another side of our label, we bring you elevated styling and intricately embellished pieces reminiscent of the couture sensibilities of yesteryear, to prêt-à-porter.

Intended to speak to today's romantics on a personal level, Chérie by Oui designs embody a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity. We invite you to take this journey with us as we re-invent the concept of luxury bridal and evening-wear.

We look forward in anticipation, as we clothe the many facets of the Oui woman.