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The first time we met was on our first date at a charming little restaurant. You could say it was love at first sight and an instant connection as we ended up being the last to leave the restaurant. Brad and I didn’t spend much time apart after that and before long we had got our little puppy Kobi and purchased our first home together.

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I booked a two-night stay away in McLaren Vale where we stayed at a little house in Kangarilla. Brad asked me to keep a day free which wasn’t out of the ordinary as Brad will often surprise me with things.

On Monday, we got in the car and Brad began driving eventually pulling into Penny Hill Winery. The staff were in on the surprise, gave us a few tastings, and eventually telling me to look around the corner outside the window, where a helicopter was waiting to take us on a scenic ride over McLaren Vale and along the coast.

We hopped on the helicopter and I started getting nervous at this point as I had a feeling something special was coming. We landed on a little green hill where I could see a table set up with flowers, wine, and music under a small wooden shed. The Pilot was picked up and taken away leaving Brad and I alone to enjoy the view and our lunch. It didn’t take long for Brad to nervously say “I need to ask you something or else I am not going to be able to eat”. He quickly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with my response being a big “Yes!”.

There were many tears shed and so much happiness. It was the most magical day and a moment I will treasure forever!

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My best friend and I started the day with a sunrise walk around the Longview property before coming back to start hair and makeup.

The ceremony was at Longview in a grassed area, overlooking the vineyards. I walked down the aisle being serenaded by one of our dearest friends. The ceremony had to be my favourite part of the day and I will never forget the feeling of marrying my best friend with all my loved ones there to witness it!

After the ceremony, canapes, drinks and a sit-down shared dinner. Our band, The Happy Leonards played all night and kept everyone dancing all night.

It was the most emotional and fun day. A day that I will remember forever!

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I had been looking for a dress with lace and floral detailing. As soon as I put on the Dreamer dress, and looked in the mirror, I instantly began crying and knew it was the one. I loved how it fit me and the beautiful train on the gown. My mum, sister and bridesmaids also absolutely loved it. I had other places booked to try on dresses which I ended up cancelling because I had found the one.

I paired the dress with some gold and pearl drop earrings and a special bracelet Brad gifted me as a surprise on the wedding day.

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When I met you, I fell quickly and madly in love with exactly who you are. The most selfless, thoughtful, loving, patient, fun and hardworking person I had ever met.

I love how strong you are, that you always choose to do the right thing and that doing the right thing is important to you.

I love that you are so close with your family and that you have fit perfectly into mine.

I love that you make me feel confident in myself and that you love every part of me. I love knowing that my heart is safe with you and that you have shown me what a forever partner is supposed to look like.

People used to tell me that love is hard yet our love is the easiest and most special thing I have ever experienced. A connection that is impossible to explain in words and goes beyond best friends.


I’ve grown up wanting this day to come, to marry my best mate. You are the most loyal, caring, funny, driven, gentle and stern person I have ever met. There is not a day that goes by where you don’t keep me on my toes and I would not change a thing. The belief you have in me, and the drive and the encouragement you give me in everyday life is unmatchable.

I promise to be by your side when we create a family and memories for a lifetime together. I want you to know that as of today, you will never walk alone through life.

It makes me the proudest man on the planet today, to be called your husband. I love you.

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