• Love Stories


Cristian and I grew up together in our hometown of Wollongong. We went through school together and were friends from the age of 16. Life took us in different directions for a while, until we reconnected at a mutual friend's party when we were 22. Sparks were ignited instantly and the rest was history.




We were on a weekend away in Apollo Bay after the last big COVID-19 lockdown at the end of 2021. Cristian organised a surprise picnic on the beach and popped the big question. We drank champagne and ate cheese for the next hour whilst we called our closest friends and family to share the exciting news!





The wedding day was magical! Everything fell into place and ran smoothly.

The morning preparations for the girls were so fun, with the hair and makeup artists from Tonic making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. The boys had a slightly different start to the day, playing golf in the freezing rain. They decided it wasn’t worth the frostbite after the 4th hole, and then headed back to their accomodation to enjoy a beautiful brunch.

The ceremony was the best part of the day for the both of us! Held at the picture-perfect chapel at Stones, it was the most incredible feeling to stand in front of our closest and dearest, celebrating our love.

Then it was time to party! The beautiful barn at Stones looked exceptional, beautifully styled by our planner and florist, the food was faultless, and we danced the night away. The perfect finish to the most incredible day.





Having tried 50 dresses on…. Yes that right, 50! (my mum counted them haha) I found it difficult to find the perfect wedding dress.

I was torn between wearing a ball gown and a fitted gown until I visited Maison Oui bridal. I found the beautiful Casablanca gown by Chérie By Oui and couldn’t go past the incredible detail and dramatic shape of the gown. It was just perfect! 

I also loved the Eleventh gown by Oui The Label, which I ended up choosing as my second dress for the night. I love that it was a fitted classic look and a completely different style to my ceremony look.

The showroom in Melbourne is beautiful and I had a great overall experience.





I adore everything about you. You are handsome, intelligent, cheeky and thoughtful, but above all you are gentle and caring. 

Our love is a friendship that caught fire. It is a quiet understanding of each other, a mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.

Our love is loyal through good times and bad. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for our weaknesses.

Our love is strong. Stronger than anything I know.

You are my soul mate, my strength, my love and my whole life.

Christian, I love you.




I feel like the luckiest man in the world to be standing here today before you, and know within my heart and soul that we are destined to spend our lives together.

Your beauty, intelligence, generosity and tenacity are simply unmatched and never cease to amaze me. Your unrelenting drive to be the best version of yourself is infectious, and you challenge me each day to step outside my own comfort zone and to be a better person. 

You are my one true love and I adore you completely.

I promise to love you with all of me, unconditionally, every day for the rest of my life.



Hair and Makeup: Tonic Agency
Photographer: Rick Liston
Videographer: Allure Productions
Event Stylist:Wanderlust Creative
Florist: Sassafras Wedding Flowers
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bec and Bridge
Jewellery: All Diamonds and Tiffany Duliege
Engagement Ring: Larsen Jewellery
Wedding Rings: All Diamonds
Groom's Outfit: P. Johnson Tailors